2004-2006 · The dream rooms

Big exhibition of sculptures and paintings at the Norman Castle at Acicastello. The sale of one of his latest 1988 “Dare-Avere” pieces to a Zurich collector provoked in him a sense of loss that was to stimulate him to work more on that theme, which he was to return to the following year and also the year after that. There were plans for the works for the “Lapis 2000” calendar to be collected up in a volume almost as a facsimile of the original ones, to be called Archaeological dream-The frescoes of the months. The Dante Alighieri Society in Zurich has promoted an itinerant exhibition that will start in 2007 from Palazzo Firenze in Rome, the national UNESCO headquarters and the head office of the Dante Alighieri Society. The exhibition will end in Sicily. Catania Council has commissioned from him a bas-relief depicting St. Martin for the solidarity prize named after Cardinal Dusmet. He has joyfully returned to teaching painting, this time in Catania, at the “Nike” Fine Arts and Restoration Academy.