1963-1966 · Theatre

He won the gold medal of the President of the Republic for painting. At the insistence of Leo Gullotta, today a well-known actor, he began to take an interest in theatre. His first drawing for the theatre was used for the poster of the university theatrical company “Il Poliedro”, who asked him to join its group of set designers. Theatre totally conquered him. He adhered to “GROUP 64”, doing scene paintings for works by Ionesco. He worked as an assistant set designer-stage manager at the Teatro Massimo Bellini where the “behind the scenes” milieu impressed him a lot and was to lead him to produce numerous drawings. The group of the “La Scaletta” gallery in Catania organized his first personal exhibition with drawings inspired by the milieu of the Teatro Massimo Bellini. Salvatore Quattrocchi in the Corriere di Sicilia expressed dismay at the sadness and terrible negative visions that the young artist, not yet twenty years old, expressed in those drawings, while the art historian Vito Librando emphasised the compositional skill shown in them. His love for theatre now reached its apex, making him feel the desire to act. He discovered the Stanislavsky method and developed a great passion for Shakespeare and drew a big head of his, which was to serve as a backdrop at the Teatro Massimo Bellini for the Shakespearian celebrations that were to involve Enrico Maria Salerno and Gabriele Baldini. He participated in the contest for the nascent acting school of the Teatro Stabile and was admitted.